This post is related to Dajsiepoznac16 contest in the same way as every IT project/design process/task I was participating in. Whenever any process, which requires planning, is started, I open a text editor and start taking notes. I need this to organize thoughts, ideas, plans, concepts.

Storing ideas

For every project I have a separate file, where everything which comes to mind can be stored. I don’t believe in storing ideas in a head: memory can’t be trusted in this one. Besides: notes can be organized, tagged… and reviewed without a doubt, that something is missing. Notepad is a trusted place. Write down and forget. Your thoughts will remain here.

Head is not the best place to store ideas

What has to be done?

If I start e.g. a new feature, I’m trying to answer a “what has to be done right now?” question. Every problem, no matter how big, can be divided into concrete steps. In this way, I’m not working on a project: I’m working on a concrete problem, which has clear ‘it’s done’ definition. And one more time: defining these clear steps, can be achieved, by writing down whatever related to solved problem comes to mind. By having the flow of thoughts about the project, the concrete steps emerge spontaneously.

The worst thing is to not know, what has to be done right NOW.

Written down…

It’s said, that to increase a probability of achieving something, it has to be written down. The same goes with planning: thoughts written down are concrete, can be reviewed, modified, updated, commented… they’re becoming more real. It’s almost like planning in a head has no advantage over taking notes. What more, freedom of letting thoughts flow, unblocks other thoughts. The process of one idea chasing the other idea can be sometimes surprising.

Writing things down, can be sometimes an only way to come up with some ideas.


Writing things down with pen and paper has this obvious downside, that it’s incredibly slow. It can be said, almost without a doubt, that taking notes on a keyboard, will be always more effective, as the speed of typing is almost as fast as the speed of thoughts.

I’m using Emacs with OrgMode, which allows to take notes arranged in nested headlines in a surprisingly easy and fast way. It can be seen, that notes are organized in headlines (every ellipsis means, that headline can be unfolded to reveal either more headlines or conrete notes). I think that any software, which allows to write and organize notes fast, will do the trick

Finding Your ideas is important.

It’s all about the freedom of recording whatever comes to mind.