New edition of Dajsiepoznac contest has begun. It’s the new era for my blog (hopefully) and I’m going to write here only about concretes. Without story telling or unnecessary ‘blah blah blah’ (am I the only one annoyed by the ‘blah blah blah’ on the blogs?): let me begin.

I’m going to reactivate my unfinished Cubicforest game project ( Written in Java using LibGDX library. Extremely enlightening experience, lots of work, lots of learning. Why it’s not finished: that’s a topic for the next post.

Early version with sprites.

Early version with sprites.

For the new version I’ve chosen my current main language: Javascript. I’m going to use my experience with the previous version: mainly the way of building and displaying models. The rules of the game are not ready yet, the previous ones seems to be over complicated. For now it does not matter. Despite of the fact, that gameplay details are not known, current basic assumptions will not change:

  • world is built out of one-sized cubes
  • world is isometric
  • gameplay is turn based
  • game world is built from tiles (like on screenshots)
  • characters are moving from tile to tile
Late version with all objects built from single cube sprites. Based on 3d models made in Blender

Late version with all objects built from single cube sprites. Based on 3d models made in Blender

Until I’ll reach that moment, I’ve got a lot of work to do. Mentioned points are my main concern right now. I’ve taken approach to which I’m not fully convinced, but intuitively I’m suspecting that it will not blow in my face. I will concentrate on the display. I will not begin gameplay development until the way of displaying cube-based models will not be ready. Without them my vision has no meaning. Displaying cubes, moving them dynamically, changing their colors, displaying models, destroying them: these are my main concerns.

With cubic engine ready, I’ll try to finish a simple turn based game. 3 month deadline is very cruel. But also very motivating.

Cubicforest gameplay.