The reason

I’ve started ‘RunPigsRun’ (probably temporary title) about two months ago, I’m developing it quite regularly. But: a lot work ahead.

Project is written in Javascript, the language I’m still learning (I’ve learnt the basics from here I’m using the Phaser framework. I’ve finished one project in this framework, it’s available here:

My aim is to:

  • write a not so complicated game
  • it has to be entertaining
  • it has to look nice (I’ll have i big help at this point)
  • it has to be finished entirely

The rules

The gameplay will take place on the levels composed from tiles (10×10). Level is occupied by pigs, wolves, roads, obstacles, traps and other objects. Player can start the game and observe its course. Pigs start to run (hence the game’s title: clever, eh??), wolves start to chase them and so on. Without the intervention, pigs end their existence by drowning/ being caught by wolves/and maybe by other, more spectacular ways. The player’s task is to use available tools and rescue all the pigs by helping them leaving the level. E.g. pigs are running into the water: put a trampoline to make them jump over. Or put a signpost, which will direct pink heroes on the safe path.

Current progress:

I know it does not look appealing, and I don’t care. It’s meaningless to focus on that in the beginning. Gameplay has to be programmed in the first place. Special effects, graphics and other biscuit in the end. I’m using free tilesets downloaded from here.

The style and inspiration

If it’s about the plot… has anyone played ‘Pooyan’? It’s a NES game about shooting wolves falling down holding balloons. It had a marvelous animation with wolf chased by pigs with drums and.. (maybe just check it out Anyway: it’s only about the general atmosphere of the gameplay and the never ending, world wide conflict between pigs and wolves.

If it’s about the more important part – the mechanics – maybe someone played ‘The Incredible Machine’ ( Well, I haven’t. But: I’ve seen my friend playing, when I was something like 9 years old and I still remember the idea. Customize the level with available tools, start game and wait, if configuration, which You’ve chosen, will do the trick.