Project from 2011 written as a Bachelor thesis:

Project’s goal was to create program allowing to quickly define 3d urban spaces and to explore them in a Java applet (it was a second program called CityCube allowing to move user’s avatar through the building).

Buildings data is created by defining floor sectors, which can be enriched with walls, windows and connected with stairs or doors. Data can be exported to XML and loaded by CityCube, where is rendered. Building’s structure allows to explore created space in a logical way, by creating paths between any building’s sectors. E.g. user’s avatar can look up for a specific room and program will calculate the shortest path by connecting nodes, which lays on every sector’s border and on edges of the doors and stairs. In this way avatar can travel through created path.

Program’s mascot is a little pig engineer:

Video presenting designing process (should be wathced with 720p HD):